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Sunday, January 27, 2008



Overlord X (real name BJ Balogun, born in Hackney) was one of the earliest British hip hop artists to receive national acclaim in the UK, with his most well known song still being his second single release, 14 Days in May (Westside Records, 1988) about Edward Earl Johnson. He worked with DJ Sir Preme T as well as other members of the "X Posse", and now works under the name BJ , and runs the music and Creative Production company MO-Am Masters.
Overlord X first began rapping at the age of 14, before which he practised DJing - something which helped him in his later career to produce and record his own music for his songs. He first came to attention on one of John Peel's sessions, with three tracks recorded on 24 November 1987. He returned to the show on 02 August 1988, by now having joined Sir Preme T to record four further tracks.
Overlord X's first release was the song Let There Be Rock on the first of the legendary Hard as Hell compilations in 1987. This was followed by his break-through single, 14 Days in May (Westside, 1988) where he raged against capital punishment and in particular the case of Edward Earl Johnson, who was executed on the grounds of a confession that he claimed was made under duress.
The record was a great success, and brought X to the attention of Mango Records, who promtly signed him to record some singles. and an album as the X Posse, featuring many other artists who were part of Overlord X's crew. The album, Project X (Mango, 1988), introduced a new generation of rappers to the UK audience, but none ever gain the same success as their mentor.
This album was quickly followed by X's solo debut album. However, at the time Westside Records refused to grant permission for 14 Days in May to be used on the album, and so X had to record a sequel instead, called 14 Days in Hell. The album, Weapon Is My Lyric (Mango, 1989), pioneered a new British hip hop, laying a blue print for a rock influenced hardcore style that was to dominate the scene for many years.
The album's success led to some strange ventures: one of the tracks, Visa To Rock, was re-recorded by Overlord X with new lyrics relating to chess for a BBC documentary about the game fronted by a young Stephen Fry. A clip of the documentary, featuring Overlord X's re-recorded tune, was shown when Fry was a guest on Jonathan Ross' BBC chat show in 2005. His success also led to a long running feud with fellow rapper MC Duke, which culminated in X recording the diss tune Die Hard about the rapper on his You Oughta Get Rushed (Mango, 1990) single.
That single was taken from the follow up album X Versus the World (Mango, 1990) which features a distinctive cover and comic strip story by artist Joe Jusko. The album also gave prominence to X's alter egos, Sidekick and Lord V/Lord Vader - Sidekick was X with the pitch of his voice turned higher, and Lord V was him with the pitch turned down. The album was a critical and scene success, and Overlord X was working on a third album - Master of Menace.
(Unreleased) when he decided he didn't like the way the scene was heading, and left his record company.
Overlord X:
  • Weapon Is My Lyric (Mango, 1989)
  • X Versus the World (Mango, 1990)

With X-Posse:

  • Project X (Mango, 1988)

Links if you would like to see more about overlord x and other uk hip hop performers:

I have suceded to dig up the 2 albums by Overlord X:

1. Overlord X - Weapon Is My Lyric (released 1989.)

IPB Image

01 Overlord X - Rough in Hackney
02 Overlord X - Kick Bag
03 Overlord X - 2 Bad
04 Overlord X - Go! It's Like World War 3
05 Overlord X - Clap your Hands
06 Overlord X - Weapon is my Lyric
07 Overlord X - The Earth is Moving
08 Overlord X - Now my Day Begins
09 Overlord X - Brutal Bass
10 Overlord X - Visa to Rock
11 Overlord X - 14 Days in Hell

Corner Grab:
Weapon Is My Lyric
no password

2. Overlord X - X Versus The World (released 1990.)

01 - Prologue 1990 (4:43)
02 - The Predator (4:06)
03 - You Oughta Get Rushed (3:13)
04 - Planet Hackney (3:07)
05 - X Versus the World (4:27)
06 - Tell Yer Crew (3:32)
07 - Prelude (1:03)
08 - Definition (2:33)
09 - Suppression (3:33)
10 - The Untouchable (4:15)
11 - Powerhouse (3:33)
12 - Lyrical Turmoil (4:36)
13 - You Cant Do It in London (3:51)
14 - X Keeps Turning (3:26)
15 - O X Corral (4:25)

Corner Grab:
X Versus The World
Password: willforall

Enjoj The Sounds Of Some Old UK Hip Hop!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Sorry to report that X versus the World seems to be One Cause One Effect's "Drop the Axxe" when I downloaded it. Thanx for the other one though, much appreciated!

Alewijn said...

here's the correct link to 'X vs the World' on Rapidshare:

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